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What is it?
LixB Rideshare is a mobile application developed by the Lixbley team. The aim is to build modern and comfortable transport systems in our cities.

Each driver can share the trip with others. Each user has access to the map with coordinates of cars, passengers, and nearby routes. Everything is updated in real-time.
How does it work for passengers?
Step 1
Choose the route and start looking for drivers.
Step 2
Choose the driver with the best rating and send a request for confirmation. After confirmation, move to the pickup point and enjoy your comfortable trip.
Step 3
Pay the driver with a card or cash, evaluate the trip, and start all over again.
How does it work for drivers?
Step 1
You need to specify only the car brand, number, and color. Passengers will not find you on the road without that. We don't require any documents proving your ability to drive. We trust you.
Step 2
Also, you should specify the card number so that your passengers can conveniently copy it for payment using online banking. We ask you to indicate only the card number, your funds are safe.
Step 3
Choose the price of the trip for one passenger and a number of passengers that will be able to travel with you. We build a route and start the search.
Step 4
Select passengers. Don't worry, you don't need to change your route. Our clever algorithm will tell passengers where they should wait for boarding.
Step 5
Drop off passengers and receive funds on your bank card or cash. After completion, evaluate the trip and start all over again.
Our values
We unite people for joint trips. Fewer cars on the road - less CO2 emissions and less traffic jams in cities. A small step that makes our planet happy.
Safety and health
During a pandemic, classic public transport increases the risk of disease. LixB Rideshare reduces the number of contacts and protects your health.
Comfort and time
You can get to work, university, or your favorite shopping mall much faster. The time spent waiting for the tram can be used with advantage The crowds in the bus can be replaced with a comfortable seat in the car.
We are cheaper than a taxi! Each driver chooses the price of the trip. From New York to Chicago for 100$, or maybe from Dallas to Austin for funny stories along the way.
How do we plan to build public transport of the future?
Thank you for using LixB Rideshare! With each trip you motivate us to become better and bring us closer to the implementation of future projects.

LixB Bus is an ambitious project that requires a lot of resources. However the Lixbley team is confident that with your support of LixB Rideshare we will be able to implement public transport of the future.

With LixB Bus we plan to launch series of buses where you can book seats online through the app and wait for timely arrival at the stop.

Imagine that you leave the house, on the way to the stop you choose the right route and place on the bus. Then you pay online and the driver picks you up on time. No queues, no standing places, or delays. You can always trace your on a map in real-time, see its routes, stops, and how many available seats there will be when it picks you up. There is a lot of space in the cabin, the seats are equipped with wireless charging. There are always places for children and people with disabilities.

We sincerely believe in the implementation of this project. Together we will change public transport for the better.
Security of your data
We are GDPR compliant
ID or licenses
We do not require a driver's license or other identity documents. We trust you.
Credit card
We only store the card number, without CVV2.
Your funds are safe.
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